Saturday, 24 September 2011

I'm Back!!!

You may (or not) have noticed that it went a bit quiet there for a bit! 
Even I was surprised to see I haven't blogged since before the summer entertainment started.

The blogger in me switches off during summer break....but the knitter and the spinner keeps on going .... so I won't waffle on's the pics...

The Big Weave Finished

and here it is at night..

4 skeins of beautifully soft Pistachio Ice cream which is already well on its way to becoming my (potentially) favourite jumper :0)

Aquamarine Kina - finished, blocked and worn on my FIRST EVER supply teaching posting!!     

and I've even cracked on with The Goddess Dress - it's not speaking Goddess to me at the mo but I think I will try and finish it and maybe wear it to my sisters wedding.

.... and the summer? the long absence? does it need to be explained?

Maybe not :0)

Monday, 11 July 2011

Busy, busy, busy....

If the Pistachio Ice cream really had been ice cream it would have well and truely melted by now :0(

Luckily it's not!! (yea!)

It spins up a dream and beautifully fine, but for now its very much on the back burner.  I've got some big events coming up and that require rather a lot of planning and preparation...things I'm very good at but only when the moon is in a certain position (touch wood that is were it appears to be right now!).

On Thursday we're off for our yearly trip to The Larmer Tree Festival  where we shall be doing a big weaving on this loom I made from hazel and dishcloth yarn.  After much trial, error and snapping (myself and the thread) this was the best stuff to use ...

 I think it looks rather good in my garden....I might have to make another one to keep.

Then two days after we get back from there I'm doing an African Day at the local school. This involves trips to the scrapstore, pound shops and rummaging in school resource cupboards.  All of which I do enjoy but it does require a certain amount mental discipline and focus.  I'm easily distracted by resources, its what drew me into teaching, that and stapling things on walls ;0)

But even with all that lot going on I couldn't resist casting on my lovely Aquamarine wool...

I'm making another Lady Kina. It's lovely to knit with, which is what I'm off to do now. Hopefully in a weeks time I shall have some photo's of how the loom filled up :0)

TTFN x x x

Friday, 24 June 2011

How to make Pistachio Icecream


100g of Pistachio Merino
1 bag of Pure Mulberry silk (white)
1 bag of raw Alpaca (white)


First wash some white alpaca fleece and leave to dry.  The drying process can be aided by gentle teasing and fluffing especially during times of irritability, stress or absent-mindedness.

Next, on a drum carder, add a layer pistachio merino wool, followed by a layer of pure mulberry silk and finally the teased and fluffed alpaca.  Don't scrimp now, we want generous portions especially of the silk.  When you think you've added enough.....add a little more.
And finally, blend to a smooth consistency, about three times through the carder should do it.

Leave somewhere cool until ready to serve....

...with a glass of chilled white wine and a good dollop of sunshine.....Enjoy :0)


I'm also rather pleased to be able to add a picture of something finished and blocked.

I'm quite pleased with it but the point is off-centre so it is a little botched but I still like it.  I'm pleased with the fine spinning and I love the colour.


It looks rather like the beginnings of a Cheshire Cat blocking on my living room wall. I may just have to leave it there.

Happy crafting ... X x X

Friday, 17 June 2011

Dual purpose spinning.....

There has been a dual purpose to my yarn making these days.

As I go about the mundane business of filling in forms, writing letters, tidying up, preparing food etc etc just spying a bag of beautiful and luxurious fibres inspires me to keep going....delayed gratification....10 mins spinning is my reward for my dedication to job hunting and housewifely duties.

The trouble is as soon as I sit down at the wheel and start drawing out the fibres the ideas start coming!

Things I must mention in my application forms and letters, craft ideas for the PTA's Africa Day, lesson ideas and workshop plans.  So as soon as I start I have to stop....find a pen...make a note....add a word or two to the latest letter or personal statement.

Nevermind though, I managed to create this....

I want to call this Aquamarine as that's the youngest favourite film and it's the same colour as the mermaids hair.

Next to go through the carder will be some newly washed and wonderfully soft white alpaca, Pistachio Merino from Wingham Wool and more silk....yummy!  I can barely wait.  I do sometimes wonder just how I coped with life before I could spin :0)

I must find some knitters soon as I am soon going to have more yarn than I'll know what to do with! 

TTFN x x x

Friday, 10 June 2011

Getting me through the Job Hunting Blues...

This whole job hunting thing is really getting me down.

If it was a platform game I can't even get past Level 1 :0(

Luckily I have a soothing craft to aid me during this frustrating time.......

Layers of Wingham Wool Merino in Jade, Petrol and Peacock and Mulberry silk are put through the carder once


and three times for luck
to make

Something Very Beautiful...

Ahhhhhh......thats better :0)