Friday, 26 January 2018

Moving on.

Thank you to Blogger for many years of supporting my little musings but the time has come to move the blog over to my website.

The story continues here. I'd love you to come follow :-)

Friday, 12 January 2018


I've been meaning to update the blog for ages....ever since the beginning of the year in fact...but life kept getting in the way. 

The last two opportunities got used up doing boat jobs, turning her round so we are facing the right way to get water and then the actual travelling down to do the boat services (an adverse weather forcast bought the need for that job forward!). I do love that aspect of boat life, chugging along at snails pace, watching the wildlife. I always get to do the driving and Boat mate Val does the tricky jumping off and balancing on narrow gunnels, (I definitely get the better end of the deal)...I LOVE driving my boat :-)

Anyway, thats what I was doing instead of well as doing a bit of avoiding...blogging is a bit like work, if I'm writing about doing Stuff with Fluff then I'm not DOING Stuff with Fluff.

Oooo ...what's this going to be?
 On Instagram I've been doing a January challenge, each day you post a picture as a response to a prompt. I thought it would be a good way to Focus My Mind and prepare myself for a relaunch of Woollycraft Workshops!! (I wonder if it's been a bit of a distraction).

Well today's prompt is Balance....and that got me a thinking....

My life is a constant search for balance, equilibrium, harmony. I'm usually juggling the need to live, work, take care of a family with a need to create and make. To spin or card, knit or crochet, anything fibery, anything fluffy, if I'm not doing life I want to be making... something...anything...out of wool.  

Recently, I've been at a bit of a loss as to what to 'make'.  I'm currently working on a very nice jumper made from pure alpaca that I still need to spin more yarn for, but carding black and white fibre when you want to play with colour can be a little dull. I've also been crocheting flowers and things with some rather fabulous sparkly wool which is kind of satifying and fun but I don't know what they are meant to be yet, so really it's just playing.

 I kind of want to get stuck into a big, interesting project, a big blanket or an amazing technicolour garment and get lost in the process of planning and making...

But.... then I remember I've got that big, interesting varied project going on already, it's called Woollycraft! I'm meant to be Healing the World with Wool. I'm meant to be building my website and writing letters to people. I'm meant to be putting myself out there!! 

My creativity of late is expressing itself as either a bit bland but necessary or directionless and without an end purpose in sight and feels a bit unsatisfactory.  I've tried making other yarn but felt disatisfied with that too.  All this kind of tells me that maybe I should be directing my 'creativity' into something else.

 And so back to balance...sometimes the need to make and create can be a distraction, an avoidance tactic and the trick is to notice when. My need to make needs to take a step back and support another creative process, website design, admin, letter writing and self promotion.

Anyway, saying that I'm now going to card some black and white for my new jumper and at least start to THINK about the future...I may even write some lists!!

I would dearly love to share some decent photo's but the light is sooooooo poor...roll on Spring!! 
Flower garland

Thursday, 14 December 2017

The letter C

Today's post is bought to you by the letter 'C'....

C is for Crumpets. The run up to Christmas is a heady time of excitement and expectation. I was very grateful to return to my warm and cosy home and I really enjoyed my moment of sitting in the place I wanted to be, enjoying the treat I'd made for myself and I thought " Thank you me. Thank you for the mug of tea and hot crumpets" I really needed those crumpets...and the cup of tea.

So C is also for Care ...Take Care of yourself during this time. And when you do really notice it, revel in it, give yourself a big old love and most of all don't feel guilty about it. 

C is also for Creativity. As always in the run up to Christmas it can all get a bit top secret as the desire to create is directed towards making things as an expression of love and friendship. But I can tell you that I'm busy stringing looms for this Saturday's Women's Circle in the Herd Thyme Tipi field.  Something I'm very much looking forward to, a day of meditation and weaving.  A little time out from the hustle and bustle to just play with sticks and wool, while in the company of others. Sharing stories and exchanging tips. We still have one place left so feel free to share with friends or family if you think they might be interested. 

Details here or feel free to send me a message for more information.

I really must crack on now with the life jobs...stringing looms and making pizza for a very special family guest.  I am well fortified by the crumpets and a bucket of tea and the little sit down (well done me).

I hope to post some pictures of our Weaving Your Story workshop some time before Christmas but you know how it is.... but I shall definitly be thinking about my website, Woollycraft Wonders and where it's going next, and of course that glorious alpaca yarn that is begging to be my next favourite garment...I'm really being good to me at the moment!!  

TTFN and all the very best Christmas Cheer to you all x

Monday, 4 December 2017

Self Care.

After a VERY busy weekend at the Christmas Floating Market, selling wool, making wool and (hopefully) inspiring others to do things with wool I found myself a little slow to get going today.  A notion made all the more obvious when I realised I'd got half way to the car without my keys!!

So, when I got home today it was all about self care which took the form of re-making my nest (quite a feat in itself in such a small and enclosed space!) and a gentle pottering of tidying and clearing spaces.  We even had enough time and energy for a little bit of Christmasing :-)


It'll be a pizza tea and then an evening of gentle crochet. I'd love to know what other's do for self care? Feel free to leave a comment below if you feel like sharing.

Take care all...literally :-) TTFN x

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Ups & Downs

It's been an upy downy sort of time lately. Lots of excitement and enthusiasm for my craft workshop due to happen today,  followed by despondency and disappointment as I started to realise I didn't have enough people for it to be viable and so reluctantly cancelled it :-(

 But I am nothing if not resilient. After a moment of feeling sorry for myself I dusted myself off, sought feedback from family, friends and anyone else who was willing to listen, and decided to take my concept back to drawing board.  I WILL bring wool into peoples lives and their lives WILL be enriched :-) I'm just not sure exactly how at the watch this space..

In the meantime I have Christmas Floating Market to prepare for and another workshop planned in collaboration with Kara of Herd Thyme.

All the recent planning I've been doing for workshops has had me thinking about my own crafting journey. When I am at my parents I sleep under this quilt.

I pieced and stitched this together as I was going through my Counselling training. It's lovely to have this reminder of such a rich and important stage of my life and I am very grateful.  To me it is a reminder of how I've got to this point, what has inspired and motivated me and how I'm still creating 10 years on. 

It also reminds me to have patience with the knowledge that it takes a lot of little individual stitches to make something special x