Thursday, 12 October 2017


Ok so I have a confession to make...

Yesterday I was gifted 4 (Yes FOUR) sacks of the most fluffiest loveliness. Each sack was a different coloured fleece of those most magical creatures...Alpacas.

What can I was like birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. All that stood between me and those bags was Wednesday night bath night and a half day of work this morning.

And then? I was very bad. I did the barest minimum of supermarket shopping and went straight home to card... 
...and card...
...and card...

..and card...

  I forgot to buy the 'special cakes' for tea, I'd left washing in the car and 
I now have a fine layer of alpaca fleece and dust over our main living quarters...

My poor poor family and what they must endure...what I SHOULD have been doing was reminding people about my next craft session at Westwood Parish rooms...looking into funding opportunities and researching the benefits of crafting and mindfullness...instead I was just making a dusty and fluffy old mess.

My afternoon of dedication to my craft has resulted in two batts of every fleece sitting next to my wheel waiting to be spun...

Final edit: some fluff MAY have ended up in the pizza...there I said it...I think I'll get away with it. The main victims tend not to read my blog. Please don't tell.

Coming up....a LOT more alpaca...I'm buzzing with all the things it will become :-)


Thursday, 5 October 2017

Feeling the Feels

We had a very poignant moment at school today. The class teacher, a beautifully soft and sensitive lady, talked about the difficult feeling of jealousy after a playground incident.
I was listening from the back of the classroom and heard her say to a little girl " I wonder if you were perhaps feeling jealous"...this was then followed by a cracking and then a sob. She'd hit the nail on the head. What then followed was a time of understanding and healing for ALL the children.
It struck me how important it is to name emotions for children and sadly how infrequently it happens, especially as the pressure in school to get 'results' and 'make progress' seems to be increasing year on year. I really appreciate the time our teacher takes to deal with feelings throughout the day.
My feelings seem to be very close to the surface today, as I noticed this morning when helping my daughter  analyse a Philip Larkin poem on the way to school!! And this leads me onto crafting and how it helps so much.
When feelings threaten to overwhelm us we can either swallow them, bury them, mask them or....feel them.  I find a bit of wool work is very soothing and often the best way to help me through the feeling bit. I remember going through a particularly painful bereavement some years ago and a simple task of carding white alpaca fluff was incredibly soothing. It was a gentle, repetitive task that had a slightly rocking motion that really helped ease the pain.
I'm feeling some pretty big feels today...thank goodness I have plenty of fluff to see me through.  Autumn...such a melancholic season...
I really will update on some projects soon.

Take care x

Mercy in Autumn

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Just a little update...

Obviously astrology is fake but as a rather typical Libran I do prefer a life of  balance and harmony...

I am by now well used to the ebb and flow of life and it certainly does make for one quite interesting but by last Friday evening the seesaw of life was definitely weighing heavily on the 'Not So Great'

I was finding myself coming down with a snotty cold just prior to my Heal Yourself with Wool workshop (rather ironically ) and then topped that off with dropping my precious phone, holder of memories and dates of more to come, into the canal. It bought about the full range of shock responses!! I was trying to take a pic for Instagram...fallen leaves piling up on my gunnels, the soft Autumn light dappled through the trees...the plop of my phone bouncing off the concrete and into the canal ...

Universe: ' about just enjoying that moment....rather than trying to capture it' .... hmmmmmmm

But luckily... both these unfortunate events were more than balanced out by a wonderful morning introducing some lovely ladies to the joy of wool.  It was so inspiring that not only did I have to go home and card wool (much like when you see someone eating cheese on toast and just have to have some ) I immediately set about booking the Parish Rooms for another session.

So that's it. Heal Yourself with Wool is a thing and it's happening more than once!  I'm really hoping this will become regular event and feeling very excited about it all.

Saturday, 28th October..lots more info to come.

But now I REALLY must do some crochet...this simple blog post has taken two evenings to complete (due to my slight ineptitude with technology probably)  

Obviously I didn't have a phone to take any photo's but these are a few shots captured by others.
I hope I have taken heed of the Universe's message to enjoy the beautiful moments nature gives us rather than immediately thinking I should capture the image to share with the world.

I lasted 36 hours without a phone though :-D


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Heal Yourself with Wool

So, with my Heal Yourself with Wool event just days away I thought I would write a little bit more about what the event is all about. 

So here are some FAQ's...

Do I need to know how to knit/crochet etc?

No! The crafts we are trying are easily accessible regardless of whether you have ever done any sort of knitting, crochet etc. I provide all the materials and equipment we will need.  I intend it to be a fun morning exploring the possibilities of how fabulous and great playing with wool is :-)

What will we be doing?
We will be fluffing, stroking, teasing locks of wool. Combining colour and texture. Manipulating and exploring the possibilities of the fibres, felted or spun.

How do you Heal Yourself with Wool? 
Regardless of what creative activity you do its making a point of stopping, taking a bit of timeout and have a little think and reflect.   When my children were growing up having a sit down and a knit was life saving (ok bit dramatic but it's a great eay to sit through CBeebies). 

Working with wool is such a soothing activity in itself. The grown up's equivalent of that special blankie or sheety.  Wool has got me through Counselling and Teacher training, not to mention one or two other of life challenges....and the by product is some lovely unique garments!

I will also like to spend some time talking about how Mindful Crafting is an actual thing, and pretty good for you too.

If there is anything else anyone would like to know please drop me a line here or on Facebook or email on .

Event details here here.

I really must go now and do some soothing stuff with fluff as I've done a mountain of washing's my reward.

TTFN x :-)

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Pinny

Anyone that gets to see me in the Real Life world will know that I'm always wearing a pinny.

The pinny is my uniform for life. Putting it on signals to my brain that we're about to get busy and Do Stuff (I have just donned a pinny as a precursor to making pastry). My dear ol' Nana Bates always wore an 'overall', maybe it comes from her?  but I just find them useful in so many ways.

At work I find the large front pocket particularly useful. Holding anything  (and everything) from coffee cups and cameras, to batman figures and special bits of 'look at this Miss' and 'will you keep this Miss'.

Pocket treasures.

On getting home the school pinny comes off and is replaced by the boat pinny.  A wearable tea towel for wiping hands and protecting them from hot pots.

At home the pinny will shield my clothes from random escaped fibres (only to later be released into dinner if I forgot to swap pinny's).  

And in same way putting it on means busy time, taking it off means I'm done for the day 😌

I buy mine from Made in Bradford. I love the bold and bright prints. A bit like a fashion statement.

Some women like handbags...or shoes...I like pinnies 😊

New pinny.

Coming up...the fluffy batts are all spun but just need a soak and hopefully a Finished Item....
...oh and of course more on the Woollycraft Workshop Heal Yourself with Wool event.

Happy crafting :-)